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User Experience Design


At Tech Studio we are often asked why UX design is important if a website/app/software technically already does what it has set out to do. Why does the placement of a button truly matter? Does a shade make a difference in readability? We actually love these questions because we have some of the most enthusiast UX designers who can talk for hours about why (plus, the data to support them) user experience design is such a priority.


As UX designers we focus on creating an engaging, thoughtful and creative experience for users. UX design requires a multifaceted approach which encompasses fields such as visual design, user-centred research, user-interface design and information architecture. No matter what stage your project is in, our Tech Studio team finds the right balance between creativity and technological development. Our designers focus on the experience of the user through project scope, creating wireframes, backing their designs with data and collaborating seamlessly with our developers.

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User Research

Empower with data

Great digital products and designs are built on knowing what drives their audience. Backing your solutions with data is vital to the longevity of your digital project, ensuring it meets user demand, performs optimally and fits within your target market. Tech Studio provides expert data collection at all stages of development and in turn, provide and implement simple solutions to create the optimal product that resonates with your users.

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Usability Evaluation

Users and the end goal

Users provide invaluable data and insight into UX design, the emotional and physical connection people have with products is a fascinating subject to our Tech Studio team. Testing the viability of a product through evaluation provides insights into what works and what doesn’t for users. It might seem easy enough to put yourself in a user’s shoes to understand their experience, but bias can never fully be removed. That is why we at Tech Studio advocate for the evaluation of your products and designs through usability testing. We comprehensively test a product’s viability, prioritising the most appropriate methods to evaluate its design. Our team then measures and prioritises the results to strategically implement the best course of action.

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Information Architecture

Marie Kondo your technology

Imagine the experience of pulling open a filing cabinet drawer to see a stack of papers and no system in sight. This nightmare image quickly fades when information architecture steps in. Information architecture refers to the systematic management and organisation of labels and filing. Think the Marie Kondo of digital tidying and you have Tech Studio. We simplify the clutter of your digital space, from the navigation of a website to the language used within. Of course, we always bring what we implement back to the user experience.

An illustrated phone and tablet being clicked

Interaction Design

When it all clicks together

A click of a button is all it can take between another sale, booking or download. You want that click to be like second nature to the user, intuitive and as simple as… clicking a button. That is where interaction design comes in. It is all about how a digital design behaves. For example, clicking 'Add to Cart' and having a simple animation send the item to the checkout page, finishing with a notification prompting to finalise the purchase creates an intuitive user experience for the customer. Interactions on a digital platform should be effortless for users and guide them on a journey to where you want them to go. Tech Studio’s UX designers have a subtle but authoritative approach to interaction design, not forcing users to engage but encouraging exploration through the interface.

3 illustrated wireframes of different devices on a transparent background

User Interface Design

Engaging through logic & creativity

Good UI design is all about anticipating how users will interact with a digital product. At Tech Studio we understand that your UI needs to seamlessly allow users to interact with buttons, links and the elements of your product. We translate this knowledge into prototypes that range from basic wireframes to high fidelity simulations that include interactive animations. UI design is separate to visual design but provides the foundation for visual design. It includes the layout, navigation and where content is placed. In this step, we predominantly work with an agile approach due to the rapid nature of UI design. In the end, our team provides an intuitive interface that leaves users content and engaged with their experience.

An illustrated paint brush over an outlined computer

Visual Design

Designing your digital world

The internet would be a boring place if every website looked the same. Imagery, visuals, colour palettes and typography should all mix perfectly together to captivate your audience and in turn, showcase your brand. It can be easy to go with a design that is on trend, but some trends don’t translate digitally as they would say through print. Tech Studio’s digital designers are experts and enthusiast. You will get to know them and their skills on all things complementary and accessible design. For example, the right shades and font sizes are invaluable to users with visual impairments and the right layout is vital for screen readers. Visual design can engage users, captivate them and make lifelong clients with the right balance of design principles.

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UX Management

Delivering on dreams

The project management of UX design is an art form. We advocate, liaise, manage expectations and deliver the results our clients need. It is with structure, which our team thrives on, that enables Tech Studio to take your products from good to great and beyond. Good management of UX design is a process of fine tuning, analysing and monitoring - not just bookmarking the beginning and end of a project, but continuously throughout it. Our UX designers take on projects that are complex, challenging, sometimes almost finished and ones that are just starting to take shape. Consider us your team, right there whenever you need us.


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