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Software development is a large component of our lives, from the TVs we watch to the street lights that illuminate our cities. Without it, we’d be in a very different world and yet sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what software development is. We like to think of software as the engine of a car, it requires many elements for it to function, such as planning and design to ensure usability and testing to make it safe for the end user.


There are many types of software and they all perform different sets of functions from your web browser, accounting programs, Microsoft Office to sending an email. Behind each piece of software is code and this code, when processed through a computer or device, performs a function. Like taking money from an ATM, you input your card, pin and amount then you receive your money. Behind these everyday processes are teams like ours, working to safely ensure the software is running efficiently and developed to remain current.


We see software not just on a large scale for our multicorporate clients, every day we can see the impact software can make on small business. Take for example an internal inventory and purchasing software program that not only allows complete transparency of a business’s spending but ensures their workload is optimised for their clients, future work and company growth. Saving the client money, time and speeds up their staff workflow.


Our project managers take your idea or problem and work closely with our developers and creative director to create the perfect solution. We utilise our management software that allows you to keep track of the entire project, right down to the tasks that we are working on. This creates a transparent relationship with each of our clients and ensures we are continuously meeting expectations. Feel at ease with a free initial consultation or submit a quote request via our management program here.

Software Development Areas
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Starting right here in Ballarat, we know that using software in a small business can open a world of opportunities, or set you far behind the competition. Investing in thoughtful and creative solutions is easy when we’re there with you every step of the way. We work with our clients to discuss, research and pinpoint the main areas of their business where we can maximise their return and increase productivity. Take, for example, applications that make custom ordering simple, user-friendly and improve conversions, or even a custom project management tool for a specialised industry.


Our team makes approaching these projects simple, by taking the time to get a clear overview of your business. We want to understand how your business functions and how we can best implement solutions. We provide a customised project plan that clearly outlays the milestones and desired outcomes for your business. Taking into consideration the budget, timeline and areas of priority to ensure our development is aligned with your best interests.

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We design automated software to reduce error-prone, labour and time intensive tasks and convert these into reliable processes. We begin by analysing the particular area of priority and using data metrics to produce the most appropriate long-term solution. We believe that automation does not mean taking roles or jobs away from industries. We see it as the alleviation of pain points for a business that can allow areas such as research, design and continuous development to expand.


An excellent example of areas of automation is reporting. What used to be a time crunch of inputting data can be simplified into a simple application with our team. Allowing time to be better spent on productivity and eliminating human-error of complex information. Our team looks for areas of automation in our everyday lives and how can time-consuming tasks be simplified.

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This type of software is most commonly used for prototype demonstrations and is only required for a very specific task. An example of this is computer screens in movies. The software is developed to function the same way a computer would but is specialised to appear or react in a certain way. This allows the software to demonstrate the functions of a program.


Another area of this type of development is testing user experience within the marketplace. Looking at how a user engages with the software or what they are drawn to can provide invaluable feedback for further long-term software development.

An illustrated phone and smart watch, linked by software


Distributed software is lightweight and reliable applications that are designed to be used in a large number of locations. Take, for example, a fridge running recipes for quick use in the kitchen, the software would need to be fast, reliable and secure.


Or a phone app that is needed for secure parking across multiple locations. Our team works with your specifications to design, test and implement an efficient and user-friendly application.






Like engineers, we like to work with precision, which is the approach we took with Findlay Engineering’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Using their existing customer database, our developers migrated their data into a fully custom designed interface, optimised to work across all devices used within the business. The solution involved continuous improvement and functionality upgrades including instant search, updated reporting and custom export functions. Our team developed the solution with a combination of database design, data migration, website development and jQuery. The final solution was created to fit seamlessly into business operations.



Platform: PHP with MySQL
Hosting: Internal Windows Server
When: 2017 – Present





We are lucky that we not only live in a beautiful regional city but we had the opportunity to work with the local Council to help shape the future of their technology. The City of Ballarat project required a solid development skill set and incorporated a project management plan to ensure milestones were completed with the allocated budget. Our team developed the website to the strict Government regulatory requirements of MyGov. The project required a strategy that incorporated stage releases and a cloud platform that allowed for quick scaling. The site hosts current news information for the local community and can be found here.



Platform: GovCMS on Drupal
Hosting: Microsoft Azure
When: 2018





Bay Breeze Estate is nestled only 30 minutes from Geelong, Vic and is becoming one of Costa Property Group’s most popular housing developments. For over 3 years we have worked closely with the property developers to achieve a greater audience reach through SEO and Digital Marketing. For Bay Breeze Estate we used market research to identify the key areas of growth and developed audiences to target marketing. We approach these projects with an agile project management style. From testing audiences through different channels, utilising Facebook campaigns and funnelling to their direct sales team via Google Ads. Our team works collaboratively to utilise not just our design skills but also understanding the long-term strategic outcomes for these types of projects.



Platform: HTML
Hosting: cPanel hosted through an Australia wide business
When: 2017-Present

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