Search Engine Alternatives to Google

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So you might have seen or read in the media lately that Google is threatening to remove part of its search engine services to Australian users. If you need the breakdown and ongoing updates we recommend reading this article. To summarise, the Australian Government has proposed a new media code that would mean tech companies like Google and Facebook would be required to pay news publishers for their content. Google has reacted with opposition to this proposal and continued to lobby against the implementation, to the point that we, as Australian users, might not have access to the same Google we know right now.

This does come as a potential blow for businesses that have spent countless hours and resources gaining a high ranking on Google, only for it to be pulled out from its target audience. Now we’re a bit glass half full, and thankfully there’s competition in the search engine field. This means that you have the option to take your questions to another search engine, and businesses have the opportunity to rank on multiple different sites rather than competing on Google.


What Does It Mean?

Google has been clear that only its search engine services will potentially be impacted. Phew! It’s a small amount of relief for our team, and many other users, who use Google for business emails. The discussion continues between Google, the Australian Government, and news publishers. This means that on the chance that Google does pull part of its offerings to Australian users, it’s better to be prepared.


Search Engine Alternatives

In no particular order, we’ve got you covered with some search engine alternatives in case negotiations go south and we plunge into a post-Google world.

  1. Ecosia

    Our most popular choice after Google, and you can help save the planet while you support them! That’s right, they’re “the search engine that plants trees”. Using the ad revenue from your searches they plant trees in areas that need reforestation. You can feel good about the environment while searching words you don’t know from conversations (that’s definitely not us!).

  2. Duck Duck Go

    BIG on privacy. According to their website: “We don’t store your personal information. Ever.”. This means you can feel pretty safe knowing your data is secure, untracked and advertising isn’t reading your mind.

  3. Bing

    To answer your question, yes, it’s still around! Bing is your friendly next step after Google. It’s not as nice as Google (I mean, clean UI is never out of style) but it’ll return a solid amount of information and most of the time it’s what you actually meant to search for.

  4. Yahoo

    Similar vibe to Bing, it’s exactly what you expect from a search engine. Easy enough to use. Returns results quickly.

  5. OneSearch

    According to their website, they don’t “use your habits or profile data to filter search results. That gives you a wider, deeper range of information without bias.” Again keeping your data and privacy safe.

Whatever option you choose, you can breathe easy knowing that the “just Google it” days are not entirely over, they just might look a little different. Just remember to not type Google into Google (video below for a giggle).

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