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Creating technology that is thoughtful, original and sustainable is what we thrive on. Our focus is to work with other like-minded businesses to strengthen the relationship between regional communities and emerging technology. We love where we work and have based ourselves in the thriving regional hub of Ballarat, Victoria.

Need access to your website or emails?

We understand how important it is to keep your website running smoothly. 

We can help you recover your website and domain, access you emails and fix any issues that need to be solved when you can’t reach your provider.

Website Hosting

Hosting a website is like having the foundation to build your house, it’s necessary to have a solid foundation. It’s important to ensure your hosting can handle the amount of website traffic you receive, especially if there is an influx. We provide hosting solutions from small scale to large infrastructure with ease.

Our team walks you through the requirements when preparing your website, and can provide suggestions on the best solution for your budget and requirements. Hosting plans are available in Ballarat, Sydney, Melbourne and internationally and can be hosted on a range of platforms including cloud, VPS, shared and dedicated.

Website Setup

Don’t fret about the small stuff when it comes to setting up your website. Our Ballarat based website development team is equipped to set up your website environment to all your specifications. We have developed websites in WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Shopify and Drupal, as well as a range of custom solutions.

Do you also need help setting up your preexisting site? We can even help with small parts of your setup including DNS setup, site migration and more.

Email Hosting

Do you need your emails to be safe and secure? We can provide scalable email solutions from 1 to 1000+ users with solutions that work from day one. Our email hosting allows you to manage business growth while maintaining security and reliability.

Our email hosting solutions can be provided locally in Ballarat, or scaled up to be globally accessible with a simple one stop administration portal.

Email Setup

Don’t worry about setting up your business email when our team can do it for you with ease. We offer email setup along with email hosting to ensure you have everything you need. Email setup plans are flexible and can be altered to suit your needs.

Empowering Technology

We take IT seriously. We know from the outside it can be a big and sometimes overwhelming industry. At times, it’s almost like magic that code goes in and a whole world of experiences returns from the ether. ⁣

However, this is your gentle reminder that it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to know everything about which cloud solution to choose to get right hosting or when you should choose an app over a website. We believe everyone should feel empowered when making investments in their technology. ⁣

We’ve spent years getting our professional development hats on and some may still proudly have our caps from graduation *ahem*. We believe you can’t just get from a degree is passion and deep understanding of how to translate technology challenges into real-world, easy to understand solutions. Which is why we know our business is a rarity.

Your go-to creative technology enthusiasts and leaders are found here.

Website Support

There’s a sea of information out there about websites. We can offer support for as little or as much of your website as you need. Our support team can will help you with issues as they arise, or even as an on-call support.

So whether your DIY-ing your own website build, or looking to have a hands off approach to your new website build, our Ballarat based team can help you with every step of the journey. Subscription and hourly rate services are available.

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