Primary Colours AR App

App Development| Augmented Reality | Branding

Primary colours are made even more fun with augmented reality. This app development project brought together the fun of learning, augmented reality and branding to create an educational app designed to teach children and the fun at heart primary colours.

Using our specially designed colour cards that you scan over using the app, paintballs appear in 3D that you can blend together to see the wonder of what colour mixing can create.

Primary Colours AR App image
Primary Colours AR App image

App Development

Creating an app is an exciting process, it’s one that if planned out right can be rewarding and in this case inredibly fun. When our team takes on a project we like to assess the overall objectives, goals and importantly deliverables. We thrive off a solid plan and picking the right methology for project management can see the sucess of development right from the start. For this app development project we went with an agile approach. 

We began by mapping out the timeline and assigning clear project milestones that broke down for each team member. We decided to build this app with a combination of Vuforia and Unity, Vuforia is the best standard in AR for app development. It has excellent image recognition which is considered a current challenge in the industry. Vuforia works with Unity (a game and app development platform) most commonly you might be familiar with Unity for it’s creation of gaming experiences. 

Once we had decided on the most appropriate platforms for development we moved into user research, branding and visual asset development.

Branding & Assets

App Development| Augmented Reality | Branding​

 The app was developed around Painty, a colour loving and fun paintbrush that guides you through understanding primary colours. We developed this character and all the design assets in house by our talented and creative team. From there the team developed the user flow and development rotated through until we produced the app you can download today. 

Primary Colours AR App image

Colour Palette

Primary Colours AR App image

Font Family

Primary Colours AR App image

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