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Our team at Tech Studio have become leaders in designing and developing regional technology. We find the balance between excellent design practices, efficient development and most importantly, quality.

We have outlined our main service areas to reflect the most common forms of support we provide. However, at Tech Studio, we don’t like limitation. We work continuously on professional development to provide each client with the latest technology, from website and app prototyping software, to maching learning and AI. Wherever your business is based  – we are not afraid to jump on a train, plane or kayak to be involved. Why? Because we truly care about our work and we love to turn your ideas into reality.

Website Design

We build creative and functional websites built right here in Ballarat. We’ve got you covered from your first website build to developing a fully custom solution. 

Website Hosting

Hosting a website is like having the foundation to build your house, it’s necessary to have a solid foundation. It’s important to ensure your hosting can handle the amount of website traffic you receive, especially if there is an influx. 

Graphic Design

Think of our designers as visual communicators. We take your brand, values and ethos into each piece of design we create. 

Software Development

Software isn’t hard to find. It’s in our cars, TVs, management systems and even fridges. Great software is found here and our team are leaders in it.

Our Ballarat team can help you from the design to the build.


You’ve got a brand people want to connect with. SEO allows you to cut through the noise of search engines and places you in front of your target audience with ease.

Find out how you can rank #1 in you industry.

UX Design

As UX designers we focus on creating an engaging, thoughtful and creative experience for users. UX design encompasses fields such as visual design, user-interface design and information architecture.

We now also offer prototyping.

Our Projects

We’ve covered our services but now you actually want to see what we can do. Browse through our projects and you’ll see the care, passion and innovation we bring to every piece of work. 

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