Open Studios

Website Design | Webflow | Custom Development

Highlighting our regions local talent is everything we’re about. Creating this custom website for the Ballarat City Council was a great opportunity to design something that could showcase events and still engage an audience in a user-friendly way.

Open Studios screen in a white laptop mock up
Screens from the Open Studios website

Website Development

Webflow | Custom Development

We designed this site around the beautiful imagery provided by our talented regional artists. Using the orange and earthy tone with a minimal clean style was a great way to highlight individual events. From a technical perspective, we created custom filtering and dynamic event pages using JavaScript. Unfortunately the events were cancelled due to COVID19 but we captured the site before this happened because it’s a great way to highlight our talented creators around our region.

Open studios screens inside of white iphone mock ups
Design details from the the Open Studios website

Colour Palette

The colours and colour codes from the Open Studios website

Font Family

Open studios typography design

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