Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

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You all asked for it and we knew we had to deliver. Welcome to the inaugural Tech Studio Mother’s Day gift guide. We’ve hand-selected the best gifts we believe your mum is going to love this year from Tech Studio.

An SEO Report

What do you get the woman who pretty much has everything? Our SEO report says ‘I love you and I want to optimise your website ranking’, which flowers just can’t say. She’ll receive a 10 page + report of easy to understand recommendations and have a strategy to achieve real results. Only $260 of investment, she’s sure to be impressed and can finally engage her target audience.


An App

Liv’s Nan (a saint and who raised her) couldn’t have been happier last Christmas using the app we built. Your mum can have the perfect gift in the form of a custom design and developed app too. Using the latest processes and working cross-platform we can deliver an app that she’s always dream of.


A New Website

This is pretty much our go-to gift and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. The online world is her oyster when her favourite child has delivered her the gift of her own very own website on platforms like WordPress, Shopify or the ultimate luxury option of a fully custom build. Contact us for the perfect Mother’s Day quote.


Custom Software

For the technologically advanced mums out there, custom software is the way to go. Forget memes on Facebook, your mum can have her very own CRM or asset management system to house all those memes and more! Our team can offer mums all around the world software solutions that take your Mother’s Day gifting to another level.


Tech Studio WordPress

IT Project Management

We’ve heard it all before, ‘If only I had an agile methodology to my project management I could finally have a tidy house’ at least that’s what Anthony’s mum says. We take our management seriously, this gift is for the mum who likes organisation, values innovation and prioritises collaboration. Take the next step and book a meeting with our team.


Obviously, you’re welcome to come to Tech Studio for all your Mother’s Day gifts but you can also never go wrong with some flowers and a card. Lots of love to the amazing women who raised the team at Tech Studio.

Liv, Anthony and Alex x 2

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