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When Leroy Mac Designs approached us, they were experiencing issues with the eCommerce component of their website, along with challenges that the design of the website didn’t proudly represent the quality and values of their brand.

Realising this, they decided to build a new website with us, that also included features such as gift vouchers that customers could easily setup and use themselves, and pages that could easily share videos and content about their awards and interviews.

Leroy Mac Designs logo

Logo Design

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Luckily, Leroy Mac Designs already had a logo they were happy with, however, it didn’t offer the versatility they were after. By this, we mean not everywhere you need a logo perfectly matches the right dimensions of your logo. So we both updated their logo to now be able to scale as large as they need it, as well as creating multiple variants that can use, whether that be square, wide or tall.

Website Launch

WordPress | WooCommerce | Elementor

Once the website was created we were able to schedule in the launch. As she already had an existing website, we prepared a solution that involved minimal business impact, and the shortest outage time.

To do this we scheduled their website launch to occur during their quiet period, avoided marketing or social posts on the day, and used a coming soon page as a temporary buffer to allow us to swap over the launch.

Once completed, we were able to showcase the website that you can see below.

Colour Palette

Leroy Mac Designs brand colour pallet

Font Family

Leroy Mac Designs branding fonts

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