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There’s a very big difference between recycling another flyer from the mail and popping that flyer into your pocket and driving straight down there to get that service/discount/pizza deal.

Our design team take your brief and map out the best steps to deliver you original, creative design that tells the story of who you are. We genuinely believe in the power of great design and thrive on the ability to create that for our clients.

Talented Regional Designers

We are proudly local and love that we are creating regional employment opportunities right here in Ballarat, Victoria.

Custom Design

While we offer a range of convenient design services we also fully custom illustrations, photography and content creation.

How we work together.

1. Brief

We’ll get a detailed snapshot of what design requirements you have. We’ll map out the process and provide you with a quote.

2. Onboarding

To represent your brand we need to know as much as possible about it. We’ve created an online questionnare to make sure we’ve got your brands voice covered.

3. Design

This is where we shine. The design process is an incredible thing to watch. Transforming something tangible from your values is almost magic. We always include change allowances to make sure you’re confident and we’ve hit the mark with your brand.

4. Handover

Once you’ve got the ideal design in your hands it’s time to wrap-up. We’ll package up all the appropriate files and be your support team for future designing.

Some of our many clients

Design services that we
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Design FAQ's

What if I don't know what I want?

A lot of our clients come to us to figure that out for them. You have a vision and it's part of our job to visually represent it through our designs. We'll work with you to come up with a logical project guide and then design a creative solution.

What's the average turnaround time?

We generally like to allow at minimum a week for a small scale project. This allows our team to create and ensures we can accommodate any updates and changes. We can at times offer a quicker turnaround but we recommend talking to us directly and some projects may incur a higher fee for priority support.

Can I make changes?

Yes, absolutely! While we don't encourage changes before we've completed the work to a suitable standard we accomodate the need for content, colour and visual changes. When you engage our services we ensure we dedicate a certain time budget for changes, this is outlined in your quote and ends on handover of the project. 

Whats the average cost?

Design can be varied and each project usually requires a particular skillset from our team. To give you a baseline we recommend at least a budget of $3,000 for design and engagement. 

Am I locked in to any contracts?

No, we understand it's not suitable for everyone to be locked into a contract. We provide flexibility in our support and design which means you can be free to move onto another business but are always welcome to come back to us. We often provide support contracts on request and at the discretion of our clients. 

Looking to build a web presence?

Our design team will help you grow your business online with a new website. Offering engaging, thoughtful and creative experience for users. Our design team can help you with every step from the design, build, setup, SEO hosting and more. Find out more in the link below.