Website Design | Custom Illustration | Document Design

Retail Design Revolutionised.⁣ That’s Graphcad’s approach to transforming retail spaces around the globe. When you know Chris and his team, you can see why the largest stores like Medibank and Myer share the same vision for customer experience.⁣

They get space. They know customers and we knew how to translate that vision through their new website.⁣ Featuring a custom illustration, branding refresh and developed on Webflow. Our team explored their creativity through this design and we’re proudly live.

Graphcad designed screens

Website Development

Website Design | Custom Illustration | Document Design

Created and designed in Webflow, Graphcad’s website showcases there a broad range of client projects, retail expertise and point of difference to traditional design firms. We created an engaging, interactive and clear style to empathise their branding across the site. Check it out below.

Graphcad homepage design

Document Design

Website Design | Custom Illustration | Document Design

A client prospectus is a go-to way for demonstrating what your business is about. With Graphcad it was easy to do. They have over 20 years of retail design experience and their service offering is renowned for quality. Our designers created a visual representation of their brand to engage prospective and existing clients alike.

Pages designed for Graphcad booklet

Colour Palette

The colours and colour codes from the Graphcad website

Font Family

Graphcad typography design

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