This is Gracie, she’s on a Christmas mission. She went out shopping for presents, just another addition!

It’s Christmas Eve and she needs to get home, She needs help, there is no time to roam!

And so she sets out to find her way, So that she can be back for Christmas Day.

Back to the team at Tech Studio — before they worry, So off she goes, she’d better scurry!

She arrives at the lake, and by chance comes upon, A friendly face, it’s Sally the swan!

‘Do you know how to get back to my team?’ Gracie inquires. Sally’s not sure but says “…maybe try Myers.

So off to Sturt st Gracie goes, To find the lights all out, and the shops all closed. Thankfully she spots some friends, Nestled amongst the lights and tinsel that never ends.

The reindeer have not seen her team, but they give her a tip… Koala’s are the eyes and ears of Ballarat,it is with them she should be having a chat!

Her adventure might have an end in sight, As she journeys to the wildlife park under the cover of night. She sneaks in to find it’s bursting with activity!

With presents piled high, she sees lights, toys and festivity. There are reindeer and elves looking ready to go, For it’s Santa they surround, and he is saying hello!

What luck Gracie has had, to find him doing his rounds, Santa has even agreed to help her, before he leaves town. So in the sleigh she hops, to get back to the team! Through the clouds and stars she goes, it’s all such a dream!

Santa tucks her in under the tree, ready for Christmas morning. What a wild adventure Gracie thinks, as she begins snoring.

The team awake to presents, needing never to know, About Gracies Christmas Eve adventures, out late in the snow. She’s back with her team, all safe and sound, Gracie thinks to herself “Maybe I’ll be a little less adventurous next time around”

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You’ll find we’re passionate about integrating great design and technology throughout regional Australia. We believe in empowering our clients and community through knowledge and that’s why we invest heavily into ourselves and our team. We’re a family ran and owned business, consisting of Liv, Anthony and little Gracie (the Cavalier).

Our team is like an eclectic family, of programmers, developers, managers and designers. We’re all local to Ballarat, Victoria and love the opportunity to work in this beautiful region. Collectively our experiences are broad and range from eLearning design right across to Biomedical Science. We haven’t just hired our team with X amount of experience, we have looked for the right people to suit our work, clients and future.