EVE Salon

Illustration | Website Design | WordPress

EVE Salon was the perfect example of working to our teams strengths. We’re big lovers of pink and EVE Salon was a godsend to design with. We started with incorporating custom illustrations throughout their wireframes before diving into their WordPress development. Easy to navigate and a beautiful site that we’re proud of.

Eve salon website screen designed by tech studio

Custom Illustration

Vector | Adobe Illustrator

We could draw and design for EVE Salon all day long. Our in house designers are incredibly talented, I mean their work does speak for itself. For EVE Salon we created a set of hair designs to compliment their new website look. Each of the illustrations are vector, meaning they can be scaled without loss of quality. 

Website Development

WordPress CMS | Custom Illustration

Eve salon website screen designed by tech studio
Eve salon website screens designed by tech studio

Colour Palette

The colours and colour codes from the Eve salon website

Font Family

typography design for the eve salon website

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