Christmas Gift Guide

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Like our classic Mother’s Day Gift Guide we’re back on request with a comprehensive gift guide that’ll please any recipient on Christmas Day. From your aunt Karen to the fussiest of teens that don’t want another bulk pack of plain black socks. We’ve got you covered on who to buy for and what the hottest trends are this year. Full disclosure we’ve posted this handy guide for 2019 Christmas but we feel like we were robbed of all that this guide had to offer for 2020. So we’re posting a redo and here it is:

Aunt Karen

You know her classic Facebook memes and weekly oversharing but how about we throw a blog into the mix? Think of a space where she can finally get all those thoughts out on the world stage without the restrictions of someone unfollowing her posts. Our team are at the ready to help create not just a user-friendly site (the only thing friendly about her site), where she can rip into her latest frenemy and share the countless gems of wisdom. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving all year round and something to discuss at the family gatherings. Book in a time to chat to us about Karen’s blog and website needs this season.

Cousin Billy

His parents have given him everything in life and still, he throws a tantrum when his iPhone isn’t the newest model or he’s received less presents than last year. So what to get the kid that possibly should have heard the word “no” within the last 12 years? His very own app! He’s already glued to his phone why not make it more meaningful than the credit he’s raked up on his parent’s app accounts. Let’s chat about our development processes for a game or business-related app. 


Her iPad might be gathering dust but that doesn’t stop her from using Facebook like a Google a search engine. “How many cups to make a plum pudding?” Oh, Grandma, you’re always a delight online. Now we think its time Grandma really steps into her calling, it’s never too late for a new challenge. IT project management is a calling that only the very skilled answer. That’s why we’re here to help her manage her IT needs, from implementing complex information architecture all the way to cloud hosting. We’ll have it managed for Grandma, she’ll get regular stakeholder meetings, project mapping and milestones are easy for our team when she’s providing the team cookies. Let’s book her in for a meeting to discuss her project this season.


*Note: Liv’s actual Nan (featured above) is a lifelong client of our IT services, which now includes TV remote fixes.


Great Uncle Harry

Underneath his tinfoil hat is a heart of pure gold. So why not spoil good old Harry with an SEO report on his conspiracy theory website this season. Really delve into his analytics, where is his traffic is coming from (apart from his friends at AFP) and the areas he can improve to maximise his online presence. He’ll be singing your praises to all his pals and you’ll soon be buying everyone SEO reports because you know how meaningful a solid SEO review is at Christmas time.


For you

2020 is your year to shine, nothing says a cruisey and productive year ahead like software development. It’s the most glamorous part of IT, we even get multiple emails a day wanting us to outsource our work overseas because it’s so popular. Thankfully, we’ve got an awesome team based in Ballarat that thrive on coding. If you’ve ever craved the need for a web application that manages your projects, customers or workflow then you’re in for a real treat with our software development. Pop that Christmas champagne or string up the goon bag, its time to celebrate!


We’d like to wish every one of you a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We hope Santa brings you all the Tech Studio services you’ll need this year. Obviously, any likeness to character referenced above is purely coincidence. Merry Christmas!

Liv, Anthony, Alex, Nicole, Lauren, Tegan and Gracie


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