Ballarat Heritage Festival

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Each year Ballarat celebrates its rich history with the Heritage Festival. Our team were engaged to design an interactive and immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experience. The project was in collaboration with Way Back When Consulting Historians and created by the City of Ballarat. Our team designed and developed a series of 10 posters, a festival map and an interactive website.

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Website Development

To compliment the AR experience we designed and developed a custom website. The site included an interactive map of the 10 poster locations that would guide visitors around Ballarat. Each poster was a ‘stop’ that had an AR experience, there were 3 different themes of experiences you could take. The website allowed users to listen or read through the audio trail. From the stop pages, users would be guided to scan the posters and experience the AR of the location. The website is still live but the AR experience has ceased. 

Image of Ballarat heritage festival AR design in portfolio

Augmented Reality & Posters

Our team designed 10 unique and immersive AR experiences that complement each significant and historical location around Ballarat. This ranged from audio, image galleries, videos, 3D models and immersive 3D worlds for tourists to enjoy. Our team designed, developed and implemented this experience with Way Back When providing the audio and imagery.

Image of Ballarat heritage festival poster design in portfolio

Festival Map

Pick up a map and be guided around the historical events, sites and experiences of the Ballarat Heritage Festival. We designed this map to allow each event type to be featured. Thoughtfully designed by our team. It was even enlarged to fit the wall inside the Ballarat Vistors Centre!

Image of Ballarat heritage festival poster design in portfolio

Colour Palette

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Font Family

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