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We’re invested in development and that means we also invest in ourselves. Our team of designers and programmers have come up with amazing app ideas. So much so that we’ve developed them ourselves. Below you’ll find the latest apps we’ve developed which included augmented reality, lots of hours of dedication and a whole lot of enthusiasm for what we do. If you want us to design and build your very own app please get in contact with us today.

Primary Colours AR APP

Primary colours are made even more fun with augmented reality. Using our specially designed colour cards you can experience how to mix your primary colours. Your guide Painty is there every step of the way to ensure you have a safe and fun time. Aimed at children looking to learn primary colours but still fun enough for every age. Download today to see colours come to life.

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If you’ve got a smartphone we can probably assume you have a least 1 app on there. It’s revolutionised the way we’ve done banking, dating and communicating. Behind those user-friendly, secure and interactive apps you’ve used is a team like ours. Our team are here for start-up support, large scale projects and ad hoc expertise.


You’ve probably used a web app multiple times without knowing exactly that it is. If you’re ever banked online, used email providers like gmail or live then you’ve used a web app. Sometimes the line between website and web app can be blurred, think of a website as a source of information and the app like the ability for it to perform a certain function. In the scope of the online world the ability to create thoughtful and function web apps is limitless. We’re here to develop and guide your idea into reality.


Virtual reality is no longer a sci fi and far off concept. It’s becoming a reality in how we interact with the world, from gaming to webVR. Our team is to put it lightly excited by the challenges and possibilities of VR in business. Our developers work with gaming engines to functionally create the environment and our creative team mould the world that your audience can see. We can take your retail store into a whole new market with VR, or become the storytellers of your history in a whole new interactive world.


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CALL US: (03) 9070 4792


EMAIL: hello@techstudio.com.au


WHEN WE WORK: Our standard office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.


WHERE WE WORK: 626 Drummond Street South, Ballarat, Vic, 3350