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As the way we communicate, shop, travel and live changes every day, so does the way we interact with apps and websites. With the growing shift towards solely online usage, the need for thoughtful, user-focused designs is increasing. The websites and apps you see every day is created by teams like ours, from the developers coding the function into a website to the creative team like ours shaping the overall design.


We take the time to completely understand what your requirements are and to map out a logical and clear plan for each project. Our project managers have a technology and entrepreneurial background. They understand the importance of quality innovation and the functional components for a business to maximise their return.

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Website design is continuously shifting and can open up new possibilities. Having your voice heard, being able to instantly reach your audience anywhere in the world and creating a brand worth knowing can all be achieved with a website. We see website design as the foundation point, a place where people visit that gives them the first impression into what you’re all about.


We handle the complex part of a website, that’s the coding, implementation, domains and setup. We then work with you to find the look and feel that aligns with your brand, while ensuring the website is user friendly and most importantly, conveys your message, products or services. We talk about the user-experience a lot, it’s a vital part of website design and development. When you go to a website, it the layout clear? Functional? Will it convert to sales? We take the time to thoughtfully develop our sites to our clients desired outcomes.


When we start a project, we set out a clear objective, time frame and guide you through every step of the way. From fully custom developed sites, with government level security to your very first eCommerce platform, all by our Australian based team, in Ballarat, Victoria.

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Apps are most commonly known for their presence on our smartphones, but they are not just for swiping right. They can be anything you download onto a device from your TV, computer, tablet, smartwatch, car or even your fridge.


You don’t necessarily need to have a clear of how the app should work. All you need is a goal and we can help you reach it. It’s the skills of our handpicked team that allow us to come us with a range of creative solutions to help you reach the goal you’re trying to achieve. We take your idea (because we know it’s a good one) and map out a complete plan including research, milestones and implementation.


Behind everything we do, there are elements of coding. The complexity of this can vary, but we don’t let that stop us. Our senior programmers take care of all your app development, while our creative team maps out a marketable and user-friendly design.


We would love to hear your vision. Get in contact today for a conversation about an investment in your future.


Hosting a website is like having the foundation to build your house, it’s necessary to have a solid foundation. It’s important to ensure your hosting can handle the amount of website traffic you receive, especially if there is an influx. We provide hosting solutions from small scale to large infrastructure with ease.


Our team walks you through the requirements when preparing your website, and can provide suggestions on the best solution for your budget and requirements. Hosting plans are available in Ballarat, Sydney, Melbourne and internationally and can be hosted on a range of platforms including cloud, VPS, shared and dedicated.


Don’t fret about the small stuff when it comes to setting up your website. Our Ballarat based website development team is equipped to set up your website environment to all your specifications. We have developed websites in Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, Weebly and WordPress as well as a range of custom solutions.


Do you also need help setting up your preexisting site? We can even help with small parts of your setup including DNS setup, site migration and more.


Do you need your emails to be safe and secure? We can provide scalable email solutions from 1 to 1000+ users with solutions that work from day one. Our email hosting allows you to manage business growth while maintaining security and reliability.


Our email hosting solutions can be provided locally in Ballarat, or scaled up to be globally accessible with a simple one stop administration portal.


Don’t worry about setting up your business email when our team can do it for you with ease. We offer email setup along with email hosting to ensure you have everything you need. Email setup plans are flexible and can be altered to suit your needs.


There’s a sea of information out there about websites. We can offer support for as little or as much of your website as you need. Our support team can will help you with issues as they arise, or even as an oncall support.


So whether your DIY-ing your own website build, or looking to have a hands off approach to your new website build, our Ballarat based team can help you with every step of the journey. Subscription and hourly rate services are available.


If you have a smartphone then we can probably assume you have at least 1 app on there. It has revolutionised the way we do banking, dating and staying connected in a busy world. Behind each of those apps you have is a team like ours. The teams are responsibility for making sure the apps work as they should, are secure and are helping achieve the goals of the users.


Our Australian based team are here for start-up support, large scale projects and ad hoc expertise. We can help you with all aspects of your application development from plausibility studies to the design and build of your application. Remember, not all applications are just for the public, we can also help with internal applications such as stock management, ticket management and more.


You have probably used a web app multiple times without knowing exactly what it was. If you have ever banked online, used online email providers like Gmail or logged into Facebook then you’ve used a web app. Sometimes the line between website and web app can be blurred. Think of a website as the source of information and the app as the ability to perform a function. In the online world, the ability to create thoughtful and functional web apps is limitless. We are here to develop and guide your idea into reality.


Our web application team offers a large amount experience in a range of areas including PHP, API’s, React JS, app migrations, support/maintenance and solution customisations. All updates and support are managed by our team based throughout Victoria, Australia.


Virtual reality is no longer just a sci-fi concept. It’s becoming a part of how we interact with the world, from gaming to webVR. Our team, to put it lightly, is excited by the possibilities and challenges of VR in business. Our developers work with game engines to functionally create the environment while our creative team mould the world that your audience sees. We can take your retail store into a whole new market in the interactive world of VR.


Our team can help build everything entire 360 degree environments such as virtual models of new buildings or products on your online store. Fully immersive websites require supported devices such as selected smart phones, web browsers, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


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CALL US: (03) 9070 4792




WHEN WE WORK: Our standard office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.


WHERE WE WORK: 626 Drummond Street South, Ballarat, Vic, 3350