Get to know us

Regional IT Agency | Ballarat Based | World Driven

You’ll find we’re passionate about integrating great design and technology throughout regional Australia. We believe in empowering our clients and community through knowledge and that’s why we invest heavily into ourselves and our team. We’re a family ran and owned business, consisting of Liv, Anthony and little Gracie (the Cavalier).

Our team is like an eclectic family, of programmers, developers, managers and designers. We’re all local to Ballarat, Victoria and love the opportunity to work in this beautiful region. Collectively our experiences are broad and range from eLearning design right across to Biomedical Science. We haven’t just hired our team with X amount of experience, we have looked for the right people to suit our work, clients and future.

Our Office

Due to the changing restrictions of COVID we have moved our team to safely working from home. In the early months of 2021, we envision our team to move into a new office space in Ballarat that is larger to accommodate our increased staff numbers and distance requirements.

Our Team

We care about providing a supportive working environment for our staff. We strongly encourage our staff in their professional development and ensure they have opportunities to explore any areas of interest. We ensure our staff have regular meetings, check-ins and monthly social activities to remain connected to their team.


We are a flexible working environment, if our staff want to come in at a later time or negotiate work from home options, we can adapt our workloads around their needs. A healthy work-life balance is what we strive for every day and week.

A photo of Tech Studio team member Anthony
A photo of Tech Studio team member Liv
A photo of Tech Studio team member Alex
A photo of Tech Studio team member Nicole