A Quick Recap of 2018

Anthony with his hands in the air

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We’ve welcomed in 2019 with giant open arms, like our Manager Anthony who features above. In no particular order, we’ve shared our highlights, some lows and most importantly some memories we’ll treasure from 2018 at Tech Studio.

  1. We merged into Tech Studio from Ballarat Web Design and SEO Ballarat. No more double email accounts!
  2. We made the easy decision of choosing the way we’d spell our business name. Tech Studio over Tech Studios because the latter had a $3,000 domain name price tag
  3. Brought on Glenda (our 3D printed octopus) as head of workplace happiness
  4. Featured in the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine
  5. Got to work with the most wonderful clients and businesses
  6. Got rejected from the Apple app store more than 10 times. A long story but one with a happy ending!
  7. Finally got approved for the Apple App Store and shed tears of joy
  8. Moved into the Runway Coworking space and made ourselves comfortable
  9. Celebrated Halloween in style with donuts and dressed as a donut
  10. Illustrated an adorable map of our location to help people find us easier
  11. Learnt the lesson about overstaying in 1hr parking on a busy workday. Parking fine paid, walking is free.
  12. Celebrated Christmas with the most wonderful group of people we meet through Runway
  13. Dropped and smashed a few too many phone/tablet screens
  14. Brought our augmented reality dream to life by collaborating with the Ballarat Tech School
  15. Brought in fruit platters to win over our Runway neighbours. Hook, line and sinker
  16. Coded software, apps, websites until we needed new keyboards. Then we coded some more.
  17. Liv and Anthony were shown in the background of Win News at the Runway Space
  18. Liv featured in the StartUp Ballarat campaign
  19. Had the best year at Tech Studio so far. Happy New Years everyone!


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