A Quick Recap of 2020

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Normally every year we’d summarise the year with the highlights of what has been the last 12 months. This year has been different. We mean if you’re reading this we’re going to guess your life or at least the lives around you have experienced the year that 2020 will be immortalised as. 

In previous years we’ve recapped our highlight reel. This year we’re going to move the bar toward recapping major events, including the good and not so good. We wouldn’t be leaning into our values that if we glossed over the nitty-gritty realities of small business life.  So here are the 10 things we marked this year with:

  1. Our business survived 2020. We’ll be forever grateful to our community that support our dreams every single day. 
  2. We moved out of our office. This one was big. It was both a great decision but a sad one at the same time.
  3. We continued the meaningful conversations of mental health in the workplace.
  4. We moved our team to remote working. Strides were made but can we put video calls in the bin already?
  5. Got our biggest project ever! Then kicked so many goals while completing it.
  6. Got to build stronger relationships with our community. 
  7. Invited Lauren to join our team as Front End Developer, she said yes and we’re never letting her leave!
  8. Welcomed Tegan into our team as our Admin. It’s like she was always here weaving her organisational magic.
  9. Celebrated Halloween with our very own team animation! Adorable and spooky which you can see here.
  10. The most looked forward to highlight; saying goodbye to 2020!

We’d like to vote for 2021 to be the year of kindness, not only to each other but most importantly to ourselves. Be safe and we hope to see you next year. 

Liv, Anthony, Alex, Nicole, Lauren, Tegan and Gracie

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