Creativity meets technology

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Creating technology that is thoughtful, original and sustainable is what we thrive on. Our focus is to work with other like-minded businesses to strengthen the relationship between regional communities and emerging technology. We love where we work and have based ourselves in the thriving regional hub of Ballarat, Victoria.

Our Services

Sustainable Development | Thoughtful Design | Strategic Management

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Web Design

We build creative and functional websites. We’ve got you covered from your first website build to architecting a fully custom solution. 

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App Development

We develop apps that are download worthy, visually appealing and programmed with the best industry standards.

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Graphic Design

Think of our designers as visual communicators. We take your brand, values and ethos into each piece of design we create. 

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Software Development

Software isn’t hard to find. It’s in our cars, TVs, management systems and even fridges. Great software is found here and our team are leaders in it.

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You’ve got a brand people want to connect with. SEO allows you to cut through the noise of search engines and places you in front of your target audience with ease.

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Project Management

We’re colour coding, road mapping and organisation loving planners. Project Management is at the helm our business and we thrive off deliverables. 

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UX Design

As UX designers we focus on creating an engaging, thoughtful and creative experience for users. UX design encompasses fields such as visual design, user-interface design and information architecture.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR for short, is bringing to life digital technology by superimposing objects like 3D models, animations and videos through a camera view. We create unique experiences through AR.

Our Featured Projects

Creativity meets technology

We are nothing short of proud about our work. We’ve spent the time innovating, creating and developing. We love every stage of a project but sharing it with the world probably takes the cake in our book. View our recent projects below and explore our portfolio for more inspiration.  

Meet Alex and Nicole! Part of the team creating click-worthy websites and branding.

Empowering Technology

Regional IT Agency | Ballarat Based | World Driven

We take IT seriously. We know from the outside it can be a big and sometimes overwhelming industry. At times, it’s almost like magic that code goes in and a whole world of experiences returns from the ether. ⁣

However, this is your gentle reminder that it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to know everything about which cloud solution to choose to get right hosting or when you should choose an app over a website. We believe everyone should feel empowered when making investments in their technology. ⁣

We’ve spent years getting our professional development hats on and some may still proudly have our caps from graduation *ahem*. We believe you can’t just get from a degree is passion and deep understanding of how to translate technology challenges into real-world, easy to understand solutions. Which is why we know our business is a rarity.

Your go-to creative technology enthusiasts and leaders are found here.

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